Who is the Outlaw Mom?

I’m a Silicon Valley lawyer with over ten years in the law game who’s been Chasing The Ever-Elusive State of Work-Life Balance since I joined the ranks of Motherhood 3.5 years ago.  During the first few whirlwind years, I was on a fluctuating full-time, reduced hours and part-time work schedule at a law firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. One day, I called it quits. And 11 months later, I went back.  Want to know a little more? Look here and here.

What is The Verdict?

At The Verdict, I blog about the dilemmas facing working moms and our common struggle to achieve balance, happiness, and peace while juggling work, family, and our sanity.

What is The Outlaw Mom (TM) Blog?

The Outlaw Mom (TM) Blog is a place where I share activities for toddlers and preschoolers, baking + crafts, and a dose of unconventional parenting + humor.  Join me in Discovering The Laws of Motherhood…and Breaking Them at the blog or on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

What is Think Inside The Box?

Think Inside The Box is an online magazine for today’s thinking woman.  In 300 words or less, we approach everyday issues with a fresh perspective.  Learn more here and visit us on Facebook.

How can I get in touch with you?

E-mail me at theoutlawmom [at] gmail [dot] com!  You can also follow The Verdict on Twitter and Facebook and join Outlaw Mom on Google+.

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